• Services

  • Services

    Design Consultation

    Coming from all different design industries, our team's approach and ideas are diversely creative. From Exhibition Design to Educational Program Design; from Fashion design to Product Design, DeFacto offers design consulting tailored to what you're searching for.

    3D Printing and Fabrication

    Those ideas don't have to end with design consulting. Let DeFacto help design and fabricate the creative solutions you need. We strongly believe that interdisciplinary collaboration can bring about the best results. With our diverse design knowledge and breaking-edge technologies, we are confident we can provide you a custom solution to fit your needs.

    Training and Events

    Our multidisciplinary team of designers lead on-demand demos and workshops that demonstrate the benefits of our unique approach and process. Fusing traditional forms of making with contemporary technologies, we educate schools and companies of what the future of 3D printing holds. Check out our Events and Projects page to learn more about the experience we offer.

    3D Printing and Food

    Recently, DeFacto embarked on a journey to 3D Print food! Made of Sugar or chocolate, the process involves three-dimensional modeling fused with 3D Printing and contemporary mold and casting technology. Pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional food art, our team creates one-of-a kind �figurines and food art.