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  • Guinness World Record's

    Largest 3D Printed Structure

    Rise Pavilion

    Weighing in at 1.87 tons of bio-plastic

    Standing at a towering 4 meters

    With a diameter of 11 meters

    Our Pavilion is being awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest 3D Printed Structure!

    Join us for an Exclusive Walk-Through Tour!

    September 3rd


    Annually Rise Education invites students from all over China to think about the future of health, transportation, society, education, art & design. In celebration of the Rise Cup competition we were approached to design, 3D print and construct the Guinness World Record’s largest 3D printed pavilion.


    DeFacto is constantly trying to challenge design and fabrication norms. The Rise Pavilion is no exception. Constructed with over five thousand 3D printed biodegradable polymer blocks, the pavilion features a modular and transformable design. The Poly-Blocks' Lego-like connection system gives it versatility, not only in form, but also in function. Individually the Poly-Block functions as a vessel for lamps, plants, and even humidifiers.


    After the competition, each Rise student will receive a Poly-Block to explore its up-cycling potentials. We hope that the Rise Pavilion will get younger generations thinking about production cycles and encourage a move towards multi-functional goods, decreasing the amount of products made, packaged, and shipped.


    September 3. 2016

    3:00 pm

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    Paradise Walk Mall 龙湖大兴天街购物中心

    Biomedical Base Subway Line 4 Exit D 生物医药基地铁4号线大兴线D出口


    Can’t make it?

    The Rise Pavilion will be open August 20 - September 7, come check it out!


    Email us at info@defactobeijing.com for Press Inquiries





    Partners: UC Robotics, Edelman, Polymaker, DSC

    Client: Rise Education

  • APRIL 17TH 2016


  • April Focus: Fashion Forward

    Open Call for our April 17th closed workshop. People interested in participating can email their name + phone number and a short description of why you want to be considered (optional: portfolio or website can be included) using the Contact Us option in the menu, or by emailing info@defactobeijing.com