• About DeFacto

    Who we are

    DeFacto is a design agency that specializes in experience driven design. We leverage our expertise in contemporary design and advanced technologies to create unforgettable experiences and products for our partners and clients.


    Fueled by our passion for innovation, our multidisciplinary team utilizes the latest design and digital fabrication technologies, such as 3D Computer aided design, 3D printing and CNC machinery, to create compelling design solutions for our partners’ needs.

  • An exploration into the future of

    corrective / protective eyewear.

    A lightweight, low-cost and

    easily assembled dome structure.

    A modular 3d Printed 

    Fashion Garment

    Sugar cast shell structure

    Resin-cast food art

  • "Making is fundamental to what it means to be human."

    Philosophy of making

    To make something from our ideas is like embodying parts of our mind into physical things. The creation of something innovative is not only accomplished by intellect, but also through play. Somewhere along the path however, one tends to forget to keep playing. Like an innocent child, our designers and makers are constantly playful with their creations. With this approach, our processes and creations leave us surprised, excited, and proud of our discoveries.


    The team at DeFacto understands how essential access to the right tools and methods can be for a product. Consideration and in depth research of all forms of making used throughout human history, allows the team to design totally custom solutions. With expertise from 3D printing to traditional forms of making across many industries, the end goal is for the product to satisfy the need, while achieving innovation, convenience, and powerful design.


    At DeFacto, we want you to discover the world of making. To be amazed by the speed and precision of a laser cutter; or the magic of a 3D printer. But above all, we want you to feel the pure enjoyment of holding your own ideas in your hands.


    Learn. Play. Make.


    Learn. Play. Make.

  • Our team

    Leandro Rolon

    Architect | Designer

    Leandro is an American architect, designer and founder of DeFacto. He has been 3D Printing for over 10 years and has hosted numerous 3D printing events in Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Beijing. Throughout his career he has contributed to the realization of numerous large-scale projects spanning a total of four continents.

    David Doepel


    David is an Austrian designer and Co-founder of DeFacto. His installation, “Project IIIIII”, was a part of the Beijing Design Week in 2014. He has been involved in Chinese Cultural Education with Courtyard Institute during his time Beijing.

    Hannah Kay


    Hannah is a China born-and-raised jewelry designer who been designing for the past 5 years. Her background in China and western education makes her passionate to strive to be a cultural bridge between China and the west.

    Ami Nigam

    Architect | Designer

    Ami is an Indian architect currently practicing in Beijing and has worked in Architecture and Design for over 5 years in London, Bombay and Beijing. He is a graduate from the Arts University Bournemouth, an Experimental Design school in the UK.